Ultimate Comics buys comics, premium toys, figures, and statues! From recent back issues to vintage comics, we will make an offer on just about anything. The best way to find out the value of your comics is to bring them by the store and have us take a look at them. We tend to pay significantly less for  recent back issues (i.e. 80s, 90s, modern) than older, more collectible comics (gold, silver, and” key” issues, etc), with a few exceptions. See the list below to see what comics are in high demand! Before bringing in your comics please give us a call at our Cary location: 919-377-8778 to see when someone is available to look at your comics or email us at: ultimatecomicsonline@gmail.com.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 (First TMNT)
New Mutants 87 (First Cable)
New Mutants 98 (First Deadpool)
Y the Last Man 1 (First Y)
NYX 3 (First X-23)
Walking Dead 1 (First Walking Dead)
Walking Dead 19 (First Michonne)
Saga 1 (First Saga)
Amazing Spider-Man 300 (First Venom)
Dark Knight Returns 1
Invincible 1 (First Invincible)
Sandman 1 (First Morpheus)
Incredible Hulk 271 (First Rocket Raccoon)
Batman Adventures 12 (First Harley Quinn)

Golden Age:

Action Comics 1 (First Superman)
Detective Comics 27 (First Batman)

Detective Comics #38 (First Robin)
Superman 1
All American Comics 16 (First Green Lantern)
Marvel Comics 1 (First Namor, First Human Torch
Batman 1 (First Joker, First Catwoman)
Captain America Comics 1 (First Captain America, Bucky, Red Skull)
Flash Comics 1 (First Flash, First Hawkman)
More Fun Comics 52 (First Spectre)

More Fun 73 (First Green Arrow)
Pep Comics 22 (First Archie)
Whiz Comics 2 (First Captain Marvel/ SHAZAM)
Archie 1
All Star Comics 8 (First Wonder Woman)
All Star Comics 3 (First JSA)
EC Comics (Classic Pre Code Horror)
Adventure Comics 210 (First Krypto)

Silver Age:

Amazing Fantasy 15 (First Spider-Man)
Fantastic Four 1 (First Fantastic Four)
Fantastic Four 4 (First Silver Age Namor)
Fantastic Four 5 (First Doctor Doom)
Fantastic Four 48 (First Silver Surfer, Galactus)
Fantastic Four 52 (First Black Panther)
Incredible Hulk 1-6 (First Hulk)
Showcase 4 (First Barry Allen/ Flash)
Amazing Spider-Man 1
Amazing Spider-Man 2 (First Vulture)
Amazing Spider-Man 3 (First Doctor Octopus)
Amazing Spider-Man 4 (First Sandman)
Amazing Spider-Man 6 (First Lizard)

Amazing Spider-Man 9 (First Electro)

Amazing Spider-Man 13 (First Mysterio)
Amazing Spider-Man 14 (First Green Goblin)

Amazing Spider-Man 15 (First Kraven)
Amazing Spider-Man 50 (First Kingpin)
Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1 (First Sinister Six)
Journey Into Mystery 83 (First Thor)
Journey Into Mystery 85 (First Loki)
X-Men 1 (First X-Men, Magneto)

Strange Tales 110 (First Doctor Strange)

Tales of Suspense 52 (First Black Widow)
Tales of Suspense 57 (First Hawkguy)
Brave and the Bold 28 (First JLA)
Tales to Astonish 13 (First Groot)
Tales to Astonish 27 (First Ant-Man)
Flash 105 (First Mirror Master)
Justice League of America 1 (First Despero)
Avengers 1 (First Avengers)
Avengers 4 (First Silver Age Captain America)

Bronze Age:

Giant Size X-Men 1 (First All-New, All Different X-Men)
Uncanny X-Men 94
Uncanny X-Men 101 (First Phoenix)
Uncanny X-Men 266 (First Gambit)
Green Lantern 59 (First Guy Gardner)
Green Lantern Green Arrow 76 (First Green Lantern/ Green Arrow Team Up)
Green Lantern Green Arrow 87 (First John Stewart)
Luke Cage, Hero for Hire 1 (First Luke Cage)
Marvel Premiere 15 (First Iron Fist)
Iron Fist 14 (First Sabretooth)

Captain America 100
Captain America 117 (First Falcon)
Iron Man 1
Iron Man 55 (First Thanos, Drax)
Incredible Hulk 181 (First Wolverine)
Star Wars 1 (First Star Wars)
Marvel Preview 4 (First Star-Lord)
Marvel Preview 7 (First Rocky Raccoon)
Strange Tales 180 (First Gamora)
Cerebus 1 (First Cerebus)
House of Secrets 92 (First Swamp Thing)
Amazing Spider-Man 121-122
Amazing Spider-Man 129 (First Punisher)
Werewolf by Night 32 (First Moon Knight)
Marvel Spotlight 5 (First Ghost Rider)

In Demand Runs:
Action Comics (30’s-50’s)
Superman (30’s-50’s)
Detective Comics (30’s-50’s)
Batman (30’s-50’s)
Wonder Woman (30’s-50’s)
Captain America Comics
Amazing Spider-Man (60’s)
X-Men (60’s, early 70’s)
Batman (Neal Adams)
Adventure Comics (30’s-50’s)
Journey Into Mystery (50’s-60’s)
Avengers (60’s)